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third year (winter break) [13 Apr 2006|09:46pm]

"Please....dad...please.." The young girl pleaded with the older man as she was dragged through the snow by who she stated was her father. All he did was make his grip tigher on her shoulder, making her wince in pain. The girls face was stained with tears beyond count, her eyes red from the misery. Once again she tried to plead, but this time was thrown in the snow near a broken headstone. She clung to the death-marker with all of her life as her father began to speak. "You should be honored with such an event, how could I ever bring up such a selfish..daughter." He spoke the word 'daughter' as if it was some horrible taste that found its way down his mouth. She didnt answer him, only held on tighter to the stone.

With a growl her father pointed his wand at her "crucio!" She let go as soon as the words escaped his mouth begging for him to stop to horrid pain. Once again he picked her up by her arm and continued to his destination; a circle of what was believe to be other witches and wizards under dark cloaks surround one figure...the dark lord.

As soon as she seen him her eyes opened to find herself back in her own room, unharmed. The girl felt sweat dripping from her face and her breathing to be irregular. She clutched her right arm for a moment before pulling back the sleeve to reveal something she was forced to recieve..the dark mark. saddened that everything was true she pulled down her sleeve and unwillingly forced herself out of bed...maybe a walk in a park would bring her back to a better world.
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(Takes Place in Harry's 6th year.) [04 Jan 2006|10:49am]

[ mood | alone ]

Life had turned into an unconsevable hell! Ever since the truth had gotten out about Arene being the actual Heir of Godric Gryffindor, it seemed as though everything had shot down the drain. No one, even her professors, could look her in the eye anymore. It wasn't that they didn't take her seriously, but it seemed as though everyone saw her as something else. Something weird and undiscriable. And as if her socal life was not bad enough, now every Slytherin in the school teased her, all the Ravenclaws wouldn't talk to her, the Hufflepuffs stayed away from her and the Gryffindors... her own house, just ignored her. She continued to try to be friendly and study hard, but once the name-calling started, it seemed hopeless. So she justt burried herself in studdies and books. They were the only things not teasing her.

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The other Asay [28 Dec 2005|07:24pm]
Name: Vax Asay

House: Slytherin

Year/Age: 7th/17

Physical Appearence: While Trisilian is small and lanky, barely fitting in side his robes, his older brother is tall and well built, though hardly a Quidditch player. Like his younger brother he has bright green eyes, though far more intense. He wears his long black hair in a tight pony tail and can usually be found in his Slytherin robes, happily terrorizing younger students. He wears a golden ring with a ruby embedded in it on his left hand.

Pet: Black raven named Odin, who is missing an eye. Odin is larger, stronger, and faster than his counterpart Tye and grumpier than an owl with a stuck pellet.

Wand: Black ash with scale of dragon and tail of pheonix.

Favorite Class: Potions and Charms

Detailed Background/Family History: Vax was born a year ahead of his brother and is easily the more confident of the two. He was born to the Asay family, a very well respected Slytherin and Ravenclaw housed family and is his relative's favorite. He is adapt at memory and spell casting like his brother, though on another level entirely. He takes after his father in the fact he is Slytherin, and is usually found studying, scaring the heck out of younger students, or with the elite of the Slytherin houses, such as Malfoy.

Crushes: He more often than not ignores girls

Strength: Ruthless, excellent memory, wordsmith, perfect spell form

Weakness: His brother, his pride
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what the hell.... [27 Dec 2005|09:50pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

Name: Aires Tobias Rice

House: Slytherin

Year/Age:5th Year

A little info/Appearance: about 6'3,muscular body ( from quiddich, Beater ) , very pale, small pointed nose, vampire, an incredible shade of blue eyes,dimples in his smile, long nails, flowing black hair, that runs like a waterfall down his back, but is usually kept in a pony tail, extremely quiet and enjoys being alone. Lives with the Malfoys, Draco is like a brother to him.

Pet: A smuggled in Panther.

Wand : 8 inches smooth black ahes, phoenix tail and unicorn hair

Favorite Class: DADA and Potions

Family History :Not much is known about the past of the Rice family. Aies' mother,Pandora Rice, was half veela,vampire and a half blood. His father, Severus Snape, had a one night stand with Pandora, she did not inform Severus of her pregnacy. Aires lost his beloved mother at the ages of 6, to an unspecified disease. Aires was sent to live with his dying grandfather, Vince Rice, whom took care of him to the best of his abilities. in his spare time with his grandfather, he painted a lot, landscapes and portraits.
one night Aires came home from pulling up grass, and his grandfather lay there dead in his favorite leather chair.
thankfully that moment, was the moment Aires was asked to attend Hogwarts, he came a month eartly, he was tramatized by the death of his granfather whom he had grown so close to durring the last past 5 years. he became silent...silents as a forrest without trees or animals, to this day, severus still doesnt know about his son, and Dumbledore refuses to tell him for fear that he will go mad.not much more is known about the rice family or the snape family beyond this information,thats accurate.

as a new memeber, i hope you all like this, my first character....please give him a chance to develop.

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The Discovery. (Harry's Sixth year) [23 Dec 2005|07:50pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Arene didn't like to out and about at night. One, it was forbbiden. Two, The castle was less friendly at night. She walked down the long hallways, hoping to find her way back to the common room. She had gotten up to use the bathroom and tried to come back, explaining to two Prefects and two professors why she was up. She held her pendant to her chest and walked back as quickly as she could.

It was when she was walking back, when she saw Someone in dark robes walking through the castle. The figure momved swiftly and slilently, making Arene wonder. She was unarmed and frightened.... but she had to find out. Carefully, she followed the figure....

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takes place in harrys forth year [23 Dec 2005|06:46pm]

[ mood | uncomfortable ]

The girl quietly sat in the corner of the library, her eyes drifting over the edge of the books she had smashed against her face. The midnight blue pupils scanned the library watching boys and girls giggle and blushing at eachother. 'The bloody ball...' angie though rolling her eyes. What was a ball anyway? a chaotic evening for raging hormones to go out of control. Still...it did sound like fun to dance the night away.

Most of the students at hogwarts raced around the school asking right and left for dates..she was sure all the good ones would be taken..espeically Malfoy. She sighed at the thought and continued reading. There was still Jack of course but he would want to turn the whole night into a snog fest. Also tons of girls had probably already asked the boy..which he reluctanty turned down hoping angie would change her mind about the ball. he didnt want to get shot down like the rest of the boys that asked her. 'maybe alittle bit longer..'

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[22 Dec 2005|11:20pm]

[ mood | uncomfortable ]

Please..members..promote this board as much has possible :p

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[27 Nov 2005|07:20pm]
Name: Trisilian Asay

House: Ravenclaw

Year/Age: 6th/16

Physical Appearence: Trisilian is small and lean, a wisp in his dark robes. He stands 5'6" and is light on his feet. With short dark brown hair and black rimmed glasses, he vaguely looks like the Harry Potter he has taken a few classes with. He almost always wears his school clothes, choosing to blend in and remain unnoticed.

Pet: Black raven named Tye. The Raven is a house pet of the Asay family, and each member has Raven. It is an unchanged tradition that has been allowed at Hogwarts.

Wand: Black Ash with with unicorn hair, and rumored to have a scale of dragon in it, though only Olivander(sp) and the Asay family know.

Favorite Class: Defense against the Dark Arts & Ancient Runes

Detailed Background/Family History: Trisilian comes from the old line of the Asay family, which is rumored to be related to the rounder of Ravenclaw house, though distantly. For as long as anyone can remember, the Asays have ended up in Ravenclaw, with a few notable exceptions that ended up in Slytherin. Trisilian was born in March and at age eleven was sent to Hogwarts, just like everyone else in his family. He quickly showed a particularly well tuned ability for Charms, though his favorite class remains as DATDA. He has always admired people who can fly on brooms, but has never taken up the hobby himself. He often sneaks out of Ravenclaw Tower to stalk around in the library forbidden area, using an old robe of his father's to blend in with the darkness. The robe is magical, but not capable of turning him invisible like Harry Potter's cloak.

Crushes: None. Though that Hermione is kind of cute.

Strength: Intelligent, tolerant

Weakness: Shy, quiet
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rp takes place during harrys 6th year [27 Nov 2005|02:31pm]

[ mood | annoyed ]

"Stupid stupid storm.." Angie muttered and cursed under her breath while trying to ring out her wet damp hair. The girl looked like death; her pale face dripped with clear beads of water, her blonde hair made darker from being drenched with rain, her robes soaking wet..what a nightmare. She continued to walk and dry herself at the same time, while looking around to make sure no one she knew especially from her own house Slytherin would see her in such a state. While rounding a corner she stopped dead in her tracks; while she was too busy trying to get out of the unsusppected rain, she forgot a few of her books that she was trying to catch up on reading.

She cursed loudly, not caring that a few younger years were startled by the foul wor and began to run back torwards her destination. With each step she felt heavier due to her soaking wet clothes but she figured maybe this would be an easier way to dry off, but it wouldnt matter much. She was almost there, she hurried faster in hopes that her books wouldnt be ruined from the pouring rain and turned a corner sharpy. Could this day get any worse?

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"New days..." [22 Nov 2005|09:27am]

[ mood | calm ]

Arene sat in the great hall, looking over the newspaper and passing a piece of toast to Raphael, who hooted in thanks and went off to join the other owls. There was nothing increadably interesting in today's paper and these past few days had not be very exciting. Classes continued to get more and more intence and Arene found herself spending more and more time locked away studding in the libary instead of spending time with her friends. Grandmama had not writen for a while and she hoped that all was alright at home. She folded her paper and finished up eating before she left the great hall.

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New memeber! :D [22 Nov 2005|07:41am]

[ mood | energetic ]

Name: Arene Lightheart Haynes.

House: Gryffindor

Year/ Age: 16/ Sixth Year/ also same year as Harry Potter

Physical appearance: A little on the thin side, Arene has long blonde hair flowing down to her waist, mystical blue eyes and very fair skin. She has a scar over her right shoulder. She has her own style of dress and is not afraid to be unique. :)

Pet: Arene has a small barn owl named Raphael. He is very reliable and has been with Arene since her first year.

Wand: 14 1/2 inch rosewood with the feather of a Phoenix tail. It is also rumored to have a unicorn hair within, but no one is certain.

Favorite class: Defense Against The Dark Arts/ Charms

Detailed background/ Family History: Though no one is certain, Arene is rumored to be the last of the Godric Gryffindor line. Her parents were slain by Death Eaters when she was five and so she grew up with her grandmother and grandfather. They loved her dearly and enjoyed the fact that she loved to play outside and make new friends. She went to Hogwarts when as was 11 and actually became aquatinted with Harry Potter, Ron Weasly and Hermione Granger. The shorting hat was actually choosing between Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff when it discovered something that put her in Gryffindor as fast as it could. She has a very gentle and caring personality, but will fight for her friends no matter what the cost. She dreams of one day becoming and auror.

Special intrests: Horseback riding, spending time with animals (Especially wolves). Enjoys watching Quidittich, but does not play. Flys well on broom.

Crushes: None. She likes Harry Potter, but only in a friendly way.

Fears: Dark magic/ Hypnosis/ vampires.

Strenghts: Kind heart, gentle, good with magic and a strong mind.

Weaknesses: Very simpathetic, dark memories/Constant nightmares, constantly worries, strange pains in her shoulder (close to the scar)

(If need be, I will change this) :D

*hugggles you all and soooo much love*
Kudos, GBY and LYL! :D

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New Member Profile. [20 Nov 2005|04:47pm]

[ mood | cold ]

As a new member, there is one thing you must do to join: Make a profile of your character.




Physcial Appearence:



Favorite Class:

Detailed Background/Family History:



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Welcome..To The Pensieve. [20 Nov 2005|02:04pm]

[ mood | blank ]

As creator of this community, I would like to welcome everyone and hope you enjoy yourselves. This roleplay community is for all those who love everything and anything to do with the world of Harry Potter. During your stay here you can roleplay any character you like..your own personal character you made up or even a canon character. Now for a few rules:

1. Anyone may play a canon character from anyone of the harry potter series, but no one can steal your own made character. Only YOU have the right to play yourself.

2. Dont flame at eachother. Its always fun for characters be rivials and such but no RL flaming.

3. Character realtionships are fine, but no rape or big time R-rater and dont fight over characters..its just childish. This community is a cannon character free for all. For example say two girls want harry potter as a boyfriend..well instead of fighting over it just have two different roleplays. Really easy.

4. Absolutely no power play. For those who dont know what power play is..its like one person is in control the whole time and thinks they are a god. I know some characters are indeed more powerful than others but lets all play nicely and fire spells one at a time.

5. No killing of anothers players character. Of course someone will have a roleplay concerning voldemort or harry taking place in year 7th..we all know one has to die, so it is YOUR choice who dies in the future or present in the roleplays. You may kill of YOUR OWN or a canon charter in one of your roleplays..but dont do it to spite the other person...warn your other player if you plan to kill off a cannon charater..and please dont be rude and jump into someone elses roleplay saying "kills ron and leaves jane alone without a friend." once again thats is such a childish act to do.

6. More rules may be added if nessesary..but other than these five HAVE FUN.

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