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"New days..."

Arene sat in the great hall, looking over the newspaper and passing a piece of toast to Raphael, who hooted in thanks and went off to join the other owls. There was nothing increadably interesting in today's paper and these past few days had not be very exciting. Classes continued to get more and more intence and Arene found herself spending more and more time locked away studding in the libary instead of spending time with her friends. Grandmama had not writen for a while and she hoped that all was alright at home. She folded her paper and finished up eating before she left the great hall.
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"Ha oh yes I'm sure you can beat Krum anyday Jack.." Angie said rolling her eyes and tilting her head torwards the one she called Jack. All he did was smirk at her and lifted his chin in a proud-like manner "Could too! Krum has no chance against the best slytherin chaser around!"

" think YOUR the best chaser here?" Angie raised an eyebrow and stopped in her tracks right infront of JAck, almsot making him fall ontop of her. Jack wore a sheepish sort of grin; you can tell the two reasons the grin was for. He back away slowly..and unwillingly. "aha..oh well i think we are going to have a problem then Miss Snowemerald..should we try a one on one?"

"In your dreams Jacks." Angie stated with a dull tone turning quickly on heel..straight into this Arene girl.
Arene was caught off guard by the other girls approch. They bumped into each other and fell to the foor. Arene looked up in shock.

"Oh My God!" She cried, getting to her feet and picking up the other girls books before holding up her hand to help her up, "I am so sorry!"
Angie shot the girl a sinister glance, not accepting the hand the girl offered. Instead Jack rushed to her side glaring at this newcomer. "I wouldnt touch that Hand if i were you Angie..its one of those Gryffindors.."
Arene was taken back at once by the greeting. She handed Angie her books and left for class. She didn't understand... what had she done wrong?

Angie didnt even thank Jack for helping her up. Jack coughed lightly, still wating for his thank you..he acted as if it was the most courageous thing he done all day. Of course Angie knew he acted like this often; she ignored him and walked off to her next class which happened to be the same one Arene was in.
Arene sat quietly in class, looking over her text book. She knew all about how Griffindors hated Slytherins and vice versa.... but she thought it was silly. True, some were really nasty, but she didn't see why she could at least be respectfull of them.

Besides that, Arene didn't really have a lot of friends. She had some, like Harry, Ron, Hermione, Luna and Nevile... but no really close ones. She had always tried to be nice, but always ended up as something of an outsider.

Professor Snape entered the class and everything grew quiet. Arene looked up. She didn't really like snape, but she enjoyed what she learned.
"Oh her again.." Jack whispered to Angie who was skimming through her poitions book. Honestly she didnt care whether this gir lwas in her class or not. Just because she knowed her down once doesnt mean she was out for blood from this girl. ANgie simple gave Jack a dull look before turning to the Professor.
Snape began his dull lecuture as always about certain types of healing potions. Arene skimed over her notes as he started talking about one in particular. Arene had done advanced studding on it and raised her hand,

"Forgive me professor, but I don't think your information is correct."

The room went dead quiet. No one, Not even the members of his own house, dared to question the potions master.
Angie rasied an eyebrow at this girl; the nerve she had to stand up to a professor. Jack simply leaned back in his chair and folded his arms across his chest "This should be good."

"Excuse me Miss Haynes would an inexperienced student such as yourself rather teach the class?"
Arene shifted uncomfortably in her chair,

"No, sir. It's just that I've done some studding on this particular potion and the petals that need to be added should be from the wild roses in France, not England."
"Well lets see if your fellow classmates agree with you..shall we?"
"In what way, sir?" She asked in confussion.

"Stand up!" Snape barked at her. She did as she was told. He pulled out a few wild rose petals from France and placed them in the cauldrin. He stirred them for a moment, then, pulled out a long knife.

The whole room stood still.

"Sir?" Arene questioned.
Angies eyes widened with curiousity, he wouldnt...would he?
Without warning, he grabbed Arene's arm and made a cut on her arm. The Gryffindors yelled in anger. Arene tried her best to hold back her tears.
Some slytherins in the rooms sniggered while some looked just as shocked as Angie was. She3 coughed loudly..she couldnt believe a professor would do such a thing.
He let the blood run over and drip onto the floor.... And then shoved her wrist into the Caludrin. after a moment, he pulled it out.

It was healed!!! She had been righht!
"Sir as entertaining as it was-"
" It was grand Angie..grand.."
"Shut up entertaining as it was..i dont think it was proper to spill a students blood to make a point." Angie said while raising her hand, trying to sound as porfessional as she could at this moment with everyone in shock.
Snape looked at her with a strange glint in his eye, but nodded,

"Perhapes you are right. Five points from Gryffindor and ten for Slytherin."

Arene walked back to her seat, clutching her wrist.
To her angie didnt even care about the points. It was logical that a professor should never take hold of a student like that..just think if dumbledore found out.
Ron caught hold of Arene's hand after class.

"Why did you let Snape take advantige of you like that!?" Ron snapped.

"Come on, Ron." Arene sighed, "It's not like that has not happened before!"