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rp takes place during harrys 6th year

"Stupid stupid storm.." Angie muttered and cursed under her breath while trying to ring out her wet damp hair. The girl looked like death; her pale face dripped with clear beads of water, her blonde hair made darker from being drenched with rain, her robes soaking wet..what a nightmare. She continued to walk and dry herself at the same time, while looking around to make sure no one she knew especially from her own house Slytherin would see her in such a state. While rounding a corner she stopped dead in her tracks; while she was too busy trying to get out of the unsusppected rain, she forgot a few of her books that she was trying to catch up on reading.

She cursed loudly, not caring that a few younger years were startled by the foul wor and began to run back torwards her destination. With each step she felt heavier due to her soaking wet clothes but she figured maybe this would be an easier way to dry off, but it wouldnt matter much. She was almost there, she hurried faster in hopes that her books wouldnt be ruined from the pouring rain and turned a corner sharpy. Could this day get any worse?
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