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The Discovery. (Harry's Sixth year)

Arene didn't like to out and about at night. One, it was forbbiden. Two, The castle was less friendly at night. She walked down the long hallways, hoping to find her way back to the common room. She had gotten up to use the bathroom and tried to come back, explaining to two Prefects and two professors why she was up. She held her pendant to her chest and walked back as quickly as she could.

It was when she was walking back, when she saw Someone in dark robes walking through the castle. The figure momved swiftly and slilently, making Arene wonder. She was unarmed and frightened.... but she had to find out. Carefully, she followed the figure....
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The figures pace seemed to quicken with each step that was taken. You could hardly notice the person was there due to the dark clothing the mysterious person wore
Arene kept close by, watching every footstep she made untill she saw the person enter a dark room. Arene knew she would not be able to enter without a cloak.

"If I had my wand, I could cast an invisablity spell." She whispered.

Suddenly, her pendant glowed with a soft warm light... and her wand appered in her hand!

Arene gluped, "It's never done that before!" She whispered and cast the invisablity charm.

She took and deep breath and walked though the door.
The hooded figured didnt realize that Arene was in the same room and continued on. First the figure took out a wand "Lumos." The room was lightened within seconds. The figure looked back to the door to make sure no one followed.
Arene made sure the charm was in full effect and followed the figure into a darker and darker hallway.
The figure started to slow down now that it seemed to get to a bigger room. Finially the figure let the hood drop
Arene stepped forward, it was still too dark to see who the figure was, but Arene could tell, this was not good. She moved forward as the person kept walking. Arene stopped in fright.

Angies eyes widened with shock looking back to face the girl she met earlier in the year. How would she explain this to her simple mind? She wasnt going to be the same caring Angie she was when Arene encountered her before..she had things to do. "Arene...what are you doing here?"
"I was gonna ask you the same question!" Arene said, "Listen, remember earlier in the year when you asked about my necklace. You were right! There is something magic about it!"
"Yes I've noticed that..quite powerful isnt it?"
"It just seems to be gaining more powerful." She whisppered, "What the heck are you doing here?"
"Now that would be none of your business. ms haynes." She said in quite a serious tone. "Please..go."
Arene didn't move, "I should say the same thing to you... but I won't. I just don't want you to get hurt!"

Suddenly, another voice came through! Arene became invisable again.
"Oh believe me I know the feeling of pain Arene, go back NOW. Before he gets closer.."
"Who?" She asked, "Angie what are you talking about?"
"Arene.. just.."
"Right on time, Your doing rather excellent and improving my daughter."
A cloaked figure said emerging from the shadows.
Arene gasoed as the figure approched them and gripped her locket, making her vanish instantly.
"things are coming around nicely..but i do wish the dark lord would reconsider his decision on having only draco do-"David instantly struck her face harshly.
"You dare question the dark lords decisons?! Clearly Angie this 'love' has gotten to your head."
Arene ripped off her cloak and point her wand at David,

"Don't you dare strike her!" She spat.
"I can do what i want girl..what are you doing were followed?"Davids glare pierced through Angie, as she looked away.
"Angie didn't know I was here. I came on my own!" She went over and shoved the wizard away from Angie,

"Back off... Now!"
Surrpisingly David didnt advance on Arene. He just stepped back further until he disappeared.
Arene walked forward to see what he was playing at. Suddenly, she felt something coiling around her leg.

A Black cobra.

Arene couldn't move. Snakes were one of the things she feared the most.
"Arene..clearly you should leave if you dont want it to bite." She said eyeing the snake. She highly doubted that if she talked to it that the snake would back off.
"What about you?" Arene asked in a frightened voice.
"You think i'm afraid of a tiny snake?" She smirked and eyed the snake with slight interest.


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