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(Takes Place in Harry's 6th year.)

Life had turned into an unconsevable hell! Ever since the truth had gotten out about Arene being the actual Heir of Godric Gryffindor, it seemed as though everything had shot down the drain. No one, even her professors, could look her in the eye anymore. It wasn't that they didn't take her seriously, but it seemed as though everyone saw her as something else. Something weird and undiscriable. And as if her socal life was not bad enough, now every Slytherin in the school teased her, all the Ravenclaws wouldn't talk to her, the Hufflepuffs stayed away from her and the Gryffindors... her own house, just ignored her. She continued to try to be friendly and study hard, but once the name-calling started, it seemed hopeless. So she justt burried herself in studdies and books. They were the only things not teasing her.
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