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New memeber! :D

Name: Arene Lightheart Haynes.

House: Gryffindor

Year/ Age: 16/ Sixth Year/ also same year as Harry Potter

Physical appearance: A little on the thin side, Arene has long blonde hair flowing down to her waist, mystical blue eyes and very fair skin. She has a scar over her right shoulder. She has her own style of dress and is not afraid to be unique. :)

Pet: Arene has a small barn owl named Raphael. He is very reliable and has been with Arene since her first year.

Wand: 14 1/2 inch rosewood with the feather of a Phoenix tail. It is also rumored to have a unicorn hair within, but no one is certain.

Favorite class: Defense Against The Dark Arts/ Charms

Detailed background/ Family History: Though no one is certain, Arene is rumored to be the last of the Godric Gryffindor line. Her parents were slain by Death Eaters when she was five and so she grew up with her grandmother and grandfather. They loved her dearly and enjoyed the fact that she loved to play outside and make new friends. She went to Hogwarts when as was 11 and actually became aquatinted with Harry Potter, Ron Weasly and Hermione Granger. The shorting hat was actually choosing between Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff when it discovered something that put her in Gryffindor as fast as it could. She has a very gentle and caring personality, but will fight for her friends no matter what the cost. She dreams of one day becoming and auror.

Special intrests: Horseback riding, spending time with animals (Especially wolves). Enjoys watching Quidittich, but does not play. Flys well on broom.

Crushes: None. She likes Harry Potter, but only in a friendly way.

Fears: Dark magic/ Hypnosis/ vampires.

Strenghts: Kind heart, gentle, good with magic and a strong mind.

Weaknesses: Very simpathetic, dark memories/Constant nightmares, constantly worries, strange pains in her shoulder (close to the scar)

(If need be, I will change this) :D

*hugggles you all and soooo much love*
Kudos, GBY and LYL! :D
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