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takes place in harrys forth year

The girl quietly sat in the corner of the library, her eyes drifting over the edge of the books she had smashed against her face. The midnight blue pupils scanned the library watching boys and girls giggle and blushing at eachother. 'The bloody ball...' angie though rolling her eyes. What was a ball anyway? a chaotic evening for raging hormones to go out of control. did sound like fun to dance the night away.

Most of the students at hogwarts raced around the school asking right and left for dates..she was sure all the good ones would be taken..espeically Malfoy. She sighed at the thought and continued reading. There was still Jack of course but he would want to turn the whole night into a snog fest. Also tons of girls had probably already asked the boy..which he reluctanty turned down hoping angie would change her mind about the ball. he didnt want to get shot down like the rest of the boys that asked her. 'maybe alittle bit longer..'
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