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what the hell....

Name: Aires Tobias Rice

House: Slytherin

Year/Age:5th Year

A little info/Appearance: about 6'3,muscular body ( from quiddich, Beater ) , very pale, small pointed nose, vampire, an incredible shade of blue eyes,dimples in his smile, long nails, flowing black hair, that runs like a waterfall down his back, but is usually kept in a pony tail, extremely quiet and enjoys being alone. Lives with the Malfoys, Draco is like a brother to him.

Pet: A smuggled in Panther.

Wand : 8 inches smooth black ahes, phoenix tail and unicorn hair

Favorite Class: DADA and Potions

Family History :Not much is known about the past of the Rice family. Aies' mother,Pandora Rice, was half veela,vampire and a half blood. His father, Severus Snape, had a one night stand with Pandora, she did not inform Severus of her pregnacy. Aires lost his beloved mother at the ages of 6, to an unspecified disease. Aires was sent to live with his dying grandfather, Vince Rice, whom took care of him to the best of his abilities. in his spare time with his grandfather, he painted a lot, landscapes and portraits.
one night Aires came home from pulling up grass, and his grandfather lay there dead in his favorite leather chair.
thankfully that moment, was the moment Aires was asked to attend Hogwarts, he came a month eartly, he was tramatized by the death of his granfather whom he had grown so close to durring the last past 5 years. he became silent...silents as a forrest without trees or animals, to this day, severus still doesnt know about his son, and Dumbledore refuses to tell him for fear that he will go mad.not much more is known about the rice family or the snape family beyond this information,thats accurate.

as a new memeber, i hope you all like this, my first character....please give him a chance to develop.
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