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The other Asay

Name: Vax Asay

House: Slytherin

Year/Age: 7th/17

Physical Appearence: While Trisilian is small and lanky, barely fitting in side his robes, his older brother is tall and well built, though hardly a Quidditch player. Like his younger brother he has bright green eyes, though far more intense. He wears his long black hair in a tight pony tail and can usually be found in his Slytherin robes, happily terrorizing younger students. He wears a golden ring with a ruby embedded in it on his left hand.

Pet: Black raven named Odin, who is missing an eye. Odin is larger, stronger, and faster than his counterpart Tye and grumpier than an owl with a stuck pellet.

Wand: Black ash with scale of dragon and tail of pheonix.

Favorite Class: Potions and Charms

Detailed Background/Family History: Vax was born a year ahead of his brother and is easily the more confident of the two. He was born to the Asay family, a very well respected Slytherin and Ravenclaw housed family and is his relative's favorite. He is adapt at memory and spell casting like his brother, though on another level entirely. He takes after his father in the fact he is Slytherin, and is usually found studying, scaring the heck out of younger students, or with the elite of the Slytherin houses, such as Malfoy.

Crushes: He more often than not ignores girls

Strength: Ruthless, excellent memory, wordsmith, perfect spell form

Weakness: His brother, his pride
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love your character!....and his brother :)
also i love ur icon....i love everyones icon!
okay i'll leave alone :)
Yay! A new fan! XD
Right on, right on
happy new year !