princess angie (dracosgirl) wrote in the_pensieve_rp,
princess angie

third year (winter break)

"" The young girl pleaded with the older man as she was dragged through the snow by who she stated was her father. All he did was make his grip tigher on her shoulder, making her wince in pain. The girls face was stained with tears beyond count, her eyes red from the misery. Once again she tried to plead, but this time was thrown in the snow near a broken headstone. She clung to the death-marker with all of her life as her father began to speak. "You should be honored with such an event, how could I ever bring up such a selfish..daughter." He spoke the word 'daughter' as if it was some horrible taste that found its way down his mouth. She didnt answer him, only held on tighter to the stone.

With a growl her father pointed his wand at her "crucio!" She let go as soon as the words escaped his mouth begging for him to stop to horrid pain. Once again he picked her up by her arm and continued to his destination; a circle of what was believe to be other witches and wizards under dark cloaks surround one figure...the dark lord.

As soon as she seen him her eyes opened to find herself back in her own room, unharmed. The girl felt sweat dripping from her face and her breathing to be irregular. She clutched her right arm for a moment before pulling back the sleeve to reveal something she was forced to recieve..the dark mark. saddened that everything was true she pulled down her sleeve and unwillingly forced herself out of bed...maybe a walk in a park would bring her back to a better world.
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