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The Pensieve

A Harry Potter Roleplay Community

~*~ Harry Potter Roleplays ~*~
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You walk down the dark corridor,hearing only the wind and your shoes pounding on the stone floor beneath you.You turn your head to the right to look down a another corridor,making sure you wont bump into Nrs. Norris or Peeves,you dont have time to deal with Snape in Detention now do you? You walk on,feeling better since your almost there..just a few more steps- but wait you hear footsteps and hide behind a nearby pillar,hoping its not who you think. Now come now wipe that sweat off your face..its only some of your fellow students, who are going to the same place as yourself.You sigh greatly as they past and watch them go into the nearest door..the door you wish yourself to enter.You stand up straight and dust off your robes as you head for the door.Once you reach it,you place your hands on the handle..taking a deep breath as you open the large door..you've made it..welcome..welcome to the magical world of Harry Potter..


Do you love roleplay and harry potter? then this is the place for you! Roleplay any character you want..your own or even a canon character the choice is up to you. The only requirement you must do before joining is make you rpofile..the layout to make a profile is in the memories link.


1. Anyone may play a canon character from anyone of the harry potter series, but no one can steal your own made character. Only YOU have the right to play yourself.

2. Dont flame at eachother. Its always fun for characters be rivials and such but no RL flaming.

3. Character realtionships are fine, but no rape or big time R-rater and dont fight over characters..its just childish. This community is a cannon character free for all. For example say two girls want harry potter as a boyfriend..well instead of fighting over it just have two different roleplays. Really easy.

4. Absolutely no power play. For those who dont know what power play is..its like one person is in control the whole time and thinks they are a god. I know some characters are indeed more powerful than others but lets all play nicely and fire spells one at a time.

5. No killing of anothers character.

6. More rules may be added if nessesary..but other than these five HAVE FUN!